Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate 2014

Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate 2014

Today I was asked by a local Realtor in Toronto:

What are the best WordPress themes for real estate?

I’ve reviewed plenty of WordPress themes this year already and I figured that instead of going through listing each one of them through an email, that I’d actually spend a little bit more time and put together a list of the best themes to use for real estate sites.


Here’s how I plan on doing this.

I’m going to create a comparison table on this post where I’ve ranked each theme based on how it performs in a particular category. Below this comparative table, I’m going to include a summary on each theme I’ve selected and give a brief summary about why I think it will do well with your website, and what key features are important in helping you reach new buyers tomorrow.

For the sake of being both thorough and fair, I’m going to also create and include sub-post for each real estate theme that I review, so you can see the step by step process I take while reviewing each one.

What to look for when selecting WordPress real estate themes:

Key Features

Click on each tab below to see the criteria I considered while ranking each theme.

  • How does the site look?
  • Is it responsive (mobile/tablet friendly)?
  • How easy is it to customize the site?
  • Review plugins, included functionality, and premium addons.
  • Does the site integrate with Google Maps?
  • Does the site allow user subscriptions?
  • Does it work well with RETS/IDX ?
  • Is the site easy to use for the end user?
  • How fast does the site load?
  • Is it built to do well with lots of content?
  • If there is a mobile site, has it been optimized for tablets and phones?
  • Does the site do well across all major browsers?
  • Does it work well with popular WordPress SEO and Performance Plugins?
  • Does it work well across different mobile devices?
  • Does the site do well with Search Engines (sitemaps, on page structure, etc.) ?
  • How easy is it for a real estate agent to manage and update the site
  • Is it well documented? Video tutorials, well documented, and in theme support?
  • Does the theme author actively provide sufficient support?
  • How much is this going to run me?


Recommended WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Rank Theme Appearance & Design Functionality User Exp. Performance Compatibility Ease of Use Cost* Total Score
1 WP Estate 3 5 5 4 4 5 $45 4.3
2 Realocation 5 4 3 3 5 4 $50 4.0
3 Realia 4 3 3 1 4 3 $45 3.0
4 WP Pro Real Estate 6 4 2 2 4 3 2 $55 2.8
5 Properta 3 1 4 3 2 3 $55 2.7

Each themes score was calculated based on how well it performed when compared to the other themes listed. So if I’ve reviewed 5 themes, and a particular theme does better than the rest in the User Experience Category it will receive a ranking of 5 etc.

*based on USD at time of this post


We will be updating this post regularly as the developers of these themes do improvements and new themes become available. If you would like our opinion on another wordpress theme that you’re interested in, comment in the post below. Also let us know about your personal experience with successful real estate themes for wordpress.


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