Real Estate Mobile Friendly Website?

Real Estate Mobile Friendly Website?


Is Your Site Alive?

Mobile Devices Share of Internet Traffic Grows

Mobile Device Share of Internet Traffic Grows

Something happened today that all website owners must know. Google has once again, updated the algorithm for their search engine and will be penalizing those websites that don’t accommodate mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets well.

If your site doesn’t pass the test, your website may soon be on life support and you as the next of kin, may find yourself called in to make final arrangements.

What Makes a Site Mobile Friendly

What looks good on a standard computer screen doesn’t necessarily look good on a phone or tablet. Google will be looking for the following elements among others to determine if your site will rise in rank, stay the same or lose important ground:

  • Fast Loading
  • Readable Text without Zooming
  • Right-sized Columns and Photos
  • Easily Identified and Clickable Links

To check how your site scores there’s a convenient site HERE that you can quickly enter your URL and see how you might fare.

Constant Change is the Norm

Dynamic Highway

Dynamic Highway

It’s cliche perhaps, but the online environment is constantly changing not only with these types of changes from Google and Bing, but with new methods and new competition arising all the time. Static “billboards” on the information highway no longer work. As the millennial generation continues to rise in wealth and influence so too, the expectations rise for websites that are tight, compact and seamlessly connected to continuously growing sources of Open Data. Real Estate websites in particular can become roadkill on that information highway if they aren’t proactive

Maybe you’ve passed this latest test, but this is no time to bask in passing a pop quiz when midterms and finals lie ahead.

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